Monday, July 4, 2011

The Truth About Software Developers

Software developers are extremely motivated people. They want to do their job as good as possible.

There's another interesting point:

  • Most, and I really mean most of the current programmers, software developers, architects, and so on, are in the wrong business, they are not suited to their job. They should have learnt something different and taken a different job.

But now back to the real software developers.

  • They are very intelligent, usually in the abstract, mathematical way with focus on visual sensations.
  • They want to solve problems, i. e. representing the real life by a more controllable model. And they want to solve these problems no matter what it costs.
  • They have a certain tendency to Science Fiction, t-shirts or checked shirts, and are sometimes a little bit freaky. They are usually interested in a lot of different things from psychology to history or whatever.
  • Their way to communicate is often a little bit disturbing, especially when they behave like arrogant nerds who know how everything works on this planet.

So far my fancy list.

From the point of a manager it should be easy: they are people who want to get their job done.

So somebody has to tell them what the goal is, in which direction they should go or actually run, where they should put their energy into.

And then they should do their job - alone, without too much interference by their

This may be hard to accept, but a real software developer knows how to perform.
Just let them run in the right direction.

More about this in a later blog. 

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